Ceramic Artist and Clay Handbuilding Specialist Susan Mullen lives in the Samford Valley region North West of Brisbane, Australia. Susan facilitates a unique series of creative workshops for all age groups throughout the Moreton Bay region, with the Brisbane City Councils "Active and Healthy Lifestyle Program" and at numerous educational centres. Her individual and collaborative artworks are displayed at local galleries, in private collections and garden settings of primary and secondary schools. 




Clays have been used cross-culturally for millennia for both functional and decorative purposes. The colours and textures are derived from particular combinations of soils and rocks from a locality. The effects are attributed to a vast range of marks made by ceramicists in combination with an extensive choice of glaze material and variety of firing techniques.

lagoon on Moreton Island

 "The natural world is my inspiration ..."

Susan Mullen's creativity is a celebration of the abundant beauty within the Moreton Bay region. Childhood memories, the natural environment and her immediate surrounds are reflected into the forms, textures and decorative processes of her artwork. Patterns of growth or erosion, both in terms of colour and texture, feature in her reference gallery. 


Rainbow Beach erosion


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